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Sunday, August 22, 2021

My Time Spent at Home by Bea Tifton

Rain Trueax is in a no wi-fi zone, but she will be back in her regular spot in October. 

A few days ago, I was watching an interview on TV. I wasn’t familiar with the entertainer, but he was talking about what he did during the lockdown. He cut a new CD, collaborated on an independent film project, and started a nonprofit. Very prolific and using his time in solitude well. It made me ponder what I my friends and I have accomplished during the Pandemic. 

A friend of mine has lost 25 pounds. It seems that she normally dines at restaurants a few times each week, so being forced to cook at home made for healthier eating. I, um, dug into the comfort food and gained the Covid 19 (pounds). 

Another friend has reorganized and cleaned out her entire house, stopping to ask herself frequently if each object she owns brings her joy before deciding either to keep it, donate it, or sell it. I spent an entire day gluing wiggly eyes to the packages and jars of food in my refrigerator. Now when I open it to graze I feel accusing stares as my food silently judges me for my dietary choices.

One of my friends discovered her inner baker. She perfected her banana bread recipe. Her family loved it, and she baked so much that she began to share it with her friends and neighbors. I experimented until I perfected the ratio of cereal and milk to my breakfast bowl. Not an easy task, I assure you.

My Sunday school teacher watched podcasts and Ted Talks, learning new skills and discovering what makes people successful. I binge watched every episode of Third Rock from the Sun and laughed at the foibles of extraterrestrials and their experiences on Earth. Those silly aliens. 

Okay, so I haven’t exactly used my time as wisely as I’d hoped. Just like everyone else, I am learning as I go. And who knew this thing would go on so long. (Get vaccinated, people.)  But one thing I did do, and am still doing, is read. I attacked my precarious stack of To-Be-Reads and am continuing to devour great books. Lots and lots of books. 

Huh. Guess I did use my time well, after all. 


Did you accomplish anything or learn new skills during your time at home? Leave a comment below. It’s not over, people. Be well and stay safe.  



  1. Well, I rested a lot, read a lot of books, and wrote blog posts for gardening businesses to put up on their website. I may have spent more time resting and reading than working. :)

  2. The pandemic was so mind-altering, I'm in awe of those who did write full length novels. I was able to write a novella, coming out for Christmas 2021. Most of the time I cleaned small area of the house that hadn't seen order from chaos for years. Why do we always feel we have to be constructive?

    1. That's a very good point. Thanks for commenting.


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