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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Changing My Name to "Better Late Than Never" by Joan Reeves

Yep, I did it again. Got so caught up in all the other demands of my life that I didn't realize the 16th had creeped up on me.

Just call me Better Late Than Never Reeves.

I think I need a vacation. I'm sitting here with a glass of pinot noir, trying to calm down after  Windows tried to sabotage me.

While I was gone to the pharmacy, Windows did an update. When I got home, I was locked out of my computer!

My Relationship With Windows

Yes indeedy. I try to keep my hatred of Windows in check, but this just about made me go ballistic since I'm on a tight schedule to get edits completed on my current book. The proofreader needs to have it by next week.

Then a screen pops up to announce all the wonderful new things Windows will do, i.e.,  sync every app and communication device I have and ever expect to have so I can use them all with multiple Windows features that I will never use.

It won't let Windows load and open until I enter my email address and password. No problem, right?

Well, not exactly. The Windows password is in a computer file that I can't access because Windows won't open by blankety-blank computer!

Oops. I Goofed

Now, I keep a hard copy, but I had not updated it when I had to change the Windows password a month ago.

My bad.

But, I can enter my email, click Forgot Password, and they'll—guess what?—email me a Code to enter in the little box.

How can I get email if the *@%# Windows won't let my computer open???

By this point, I'm in DefCon 1, ready to launch missiles. I couldn't think of anything, but how much I hate technology and its constant updates slowing my computer, killing other apps, and generally making life miserable.

My husband, dear, sweet, calm man that he is, said, "Open your email on your laptop and get the code."

I stopped dead in my tracks. How dumb of me! I got the code, reset the password, Windows loaded, my desktop opened. I'm once again in business.

Moral of the Story

When you allow the annoyances of the day to stress you out, you can't see the simple solution for the emotional storm wailing around you. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Think logically. And get a glass of wine.

By the way, the next computer I buy will be a Mac.


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  1. I dislike Windows with a passion. Every time I'm in a hurry to send something off or check for a document that I need immediately, I open my laptop and Windows is "updating" (and it will only take a few minutes.) Right! I imagine a mystery story where the heroine is trapped in her study, under her desk with her laptop, while someone is trying to break in. She revs up her laptop to send a message for help...and you guessed it. Windows is updating, and the dreaded message pops up, "Do not touch your computer. Updates in progress." Glad everything worked out.:)

    1. *LOL* That is a great premise for a story. Made me laugh.

    2. Judy Ann, that's why I unchecked "Update Automatically" on Windows. I "choose" my updates. Saved me a lot of problems.

  2. OMG, I can SO relate! I'm sorry for your pain, tho ! Big hugs!

    1. Hey, Sue. Thanks for visiting. Yes, I keep waiting for Windows to kill my desktop and then I'll race to the Mac store.

  3. Every time they update anything, I wonder what won't be working when I come back on. And now Blogger will be updating and I don't hear good things from those who already tried what will be the default.

    1. *groan* I'm freaked out about the Blogger interface updating. I've got a test blog set up so I'm going to test it to see how bad it will be. I also hear nothing good from others about it.

  4. Oh dear, Joan. This sounds like the story of my life with computers. I didn't really want these horrid memories to re-emerge. Lol. I'm glad the voice of reason intervened. Namely, your husband. Wouldn't work here. My husband knows nothing about computers. Don't you hate it when people say, "It won't matter in a hundred years." So...I won't say it. BTW: I almost forgot my blog post too. It's up in a coupl of days.

    1. I too hate someone saying, "It won't matter in a 100 years." While true, that doesn't solve the here and now! *LOL*


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