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Monday, May 4, 2020

Much Ado About Silver City
The Most Fun You'll Have This Year!

Silver City has always been a favorite place of mine.  Dad used to take the family there to go fishing--that was a rare treat because farmers don't get days off.  At the time, the hotel was vacant and only a store run by Mildretta Adams, and a museum in the old schoolhouse, the artifacts owned by Walt and Mildretta Adams, were open. 

Silver City Schoolhouse, currently owned by the Owyhee Cattlemen's Association.
At one time, it housed the Silver City Museum.

The Idaho Hotel was run down and just about to collapse on one corner.  Dad would always tell us to not get near the hotel lest it fall on us.  Of course, that was the first place we headed.  I crawled all over that old building swatting cobwebs and dodging spiders.  The hotel had been closed for many years.

The Idaho Hotel in the 1890s.
The Idaho Hotel was originally built in 1864 in Ruby City, but after a few floods and most folks moving to Silver City, the new upstart town a mile and a half up the road, the owners of the hotel decided to move it, too.  So they did.  Currently, the hotel is a combination of three different buildings that the owners moved to the present site and put together to form the building you seen in the above photograph.

Every year I put on a readers' event called Much Ado About Silver City.  You can find out more about it on my website.  The info is 2019's but nearly everything's the same except the dates.  This year it's July 17-19.  Here are a few fun photos from over the years.

Matt Paxton always comes to play some good tunes.

Honey Beaulieu and Shirl Deems.  Talk about a formidable duo!
Folks having fun at the booksigning.
I'd show you the World's Worst Melodrama but we've never yet been able to video the whole thing.

We're anticipating a full house this year but of course COVID-19 might have a different idea.  So far the event is on but we know we may have to cancel.  Meantime, you better book your room because there are only 13.  There is, however, a campground right in town.

Until then, happy stay-at-home reading!  

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  1. Sounds as if this will be a great party. Have a lot of fun and tell us all about it!

    1. Better yet, join us! We'd sure love to have you with us. But yes, I'll definitely report in after the fact.

  2. Interesting information about the Idaho Hotel. Best of luck with your party in July.

    1. I have more photos of the interior of the hotel that I can share in a later blog article. This hotel fascinates me.

  3. Hope you get to have your event, Jacquie. I know it will be fun. Happy trails!

    1. I really hope so, too. We have quite a doin's and everyone has such a good time. I'd love for you and Hero to join us, too, although I'm selfish and would rather have you two here at the house for a visit so I don't have to share.

  4. I love this event and my sister of heart ❤! I am getting old and can t move as fast as I could.But... I'll be there.


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