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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Spring Is On The Way: Curl Up With a Book and Enjoy The Journey--Laurean Brooks

February is the last month before spring shows her pretty face. And while winter refuses to give up its hold on nature, we get enough glimpses of what will soon appear, to lift our spirits. Jonquils burst forth, hanging their dainty heads until a biting wind stirs them to defiance.

Groundhog's Day appears on February 2nd when poor little Punxsutawney Phil is prodded from his cozy winter's sleep to crawl out of his warm hole to predict the coming of spring. I say, let him sleep. I'll bet no one would disturb a sleeping Grizzly Bear.

Red-breasted robins hop on the dead grass, adding a splash of color on an overcast day. Other migratory birds are returning. The days have become noticeably longer, allowing more time to walk in the evenings.

 Today, while I walked behind my dogs down our country road, tree frogs croaked in the marshy bogs on either side of the culverts. These critters were just happy to be alive, singing their hearts out.

In Tennessee, we are blessed with the occasional mild day during winter, even in February. We've enjoyed a couple of days this past week with temps reaching the 60s. These are good days to get out and load up on groceries. You never know when a blizzard might hit. Overall—so far—it's been a mild winter for our area.

February is also a celebration of Valentine's Day, which means flowers and/or candy. This day arrived last Friday, and regardless of my decision to restrain myself, I'm down to the last six pieces in a 20-piece box of Russell Stover chocolates.

Oh, dear! I could have gone all day without confessing that. Truth is, my husband helped dwindle the count. We had decided not to buy candy this year, but...well...I was in the Dollar General two days after Valentine's Day, and lo and behold, ALL Valentine candy was marked 25% off! Tell me--and be honest--could you pass up a deal like that?

I had stuck to a fairly healthy diet from Thanksgiving until after Christmas. And I was proud of myself for it. Sh-h-h! Don't tell anyone, but a long bout of flu lasting from New Year's Eve until the third week in January, assisted me in my calorie reduction. Believe me when I say, loss of appetite was the only good thing that came from that virus.

But, never fear; spring is on the way. I can get outdoors and enjoy the milder weather, and daily walks my dogs (weather permitting.) I can hardly wait for sunny days--the mocking birds chirping in the trees, and the lonely call of the whippoorwill in the woods behind our house. And the blasts from hunters' rifles fall silent in the woods surrounding our cozy house on the hill. Just the sounds of God's nature prevail.

Don't let overcast skies and snow--depending on where you live, dampen your spirits. Pick up a good book by one of your favorite authors, curl up on the couch with a steamy mug of coffee or hot chocolate, and get lost in an intriguing adventure or a heart-palpitating romance that also incorporates humor and an exciting plot.

Folks, spring is on its way. Be patient, relax, read a great book, and enjoy the journey.

My short read, JONQUILS IN THE SNOW is perfect for curling up with. Miranda's fiance skips town two days before their wedding. She's been hurting too long. When handsome tree-topper, Brady Watson shows up in her yard after an ice storm, she falls hard. But Brady is dealing with a loss. Can a cluster of Jonquils bursting through the snow, spell love and new beginnings for Miranda and Brady?


  1. I love spring and the show of greenery that peeks out in March in Pennsylvania. And I enjoy hearing the birds and seeing the robins return. Love the title, "Jonquils in the Snow."

  2. Thank you for dropping in, Judy Ann. "Jonquils In The Snow" was one of those titles that hit me even before I started writing the book. Sometimes I still don't have the title when I finish writing t manuscript.

  3. We've had a rather odd winter. One day it's 80 and the next it's 40. This kind of winter explains why Texans often wear shorts and long sleeve shirts. *LOL* The redbud trees burst into bloom a couple of days ago so spring is nigh.


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