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Saturday, November 2, 2019


By Caroline Clemmons

Recently I have joined several multi-author projects. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, that’s when several authors each write her or his book within the guidelines of the series organizer. Each book is a stand-alone but reading the entire series enhances the pleasure. It appears to me that these multi-author projects (MAPs) are becoming more and more popular. Certainly, I’ve enjoyed participating in them.
The way each works is the organizer—we’ll call her Jane—decides the set up. Usually this is a small fictional town or location such as a ranch. Jane invites other authors to participate and gives them the guidelines: sweet or sensual, length, contemporary, historical, or another genre such as time travel.  Then, Jane tells her authors the release schedule and any other particulars. Most set up a Facebook page for the authors plus one-drive or Trello to keep up with names and scheduling. This is a lot for the organizer but pretty easy for the participating authors—except for one thing. It’s easier for an author to come up with her or his own guidelines than to follow those of someone else.  

In spite of that, I’ve enjoyed these MAPs and want to share two current Christmas ones with you today.

MELODY, Angel Creek Christmas Brides book 7, releases November 8 but is available for pre-order now! The series is set just after the Civil War when most of Charleston, South Carolina was in ruins and no marriageable young men were to be found. The year before—the fall after the war—five women answered an advertisement for mail-order brides to a small Montana town. That turned out well and many of the remaining bachelors prevailed upon the brides to recruit more Southern Belles to come to Angel Creek. Six more agree to travel there by train to St. Louis, then by riverboat up the Missouri River, then by stage to Angel Creek.
These young women knew each other from school before the war and have remained friends. Melody Fraser is twenty-two and fears remaining a spinster. In addition, she has threats against her fueled by vicious rumors. She is happy to escape Charleston’s destruction and peril for a chance at life in a place untouched by the war. The problem is, she might have stretched the truth a tiny bit.
Nicholas Walker is the new doctor in Angel Creek. He has big, big plans for his clinic and practice as the town grows. He is very efficient and expects to combine a skilled nurse with a wife.  When he learns Melody has only nursed an elderly grandmother, he feels cheated.
They’re in for adventure and excitement. But, will the two grow fond of one another before Christmas or will they apply for an annulment?
The universal Amazon link is

On Wednesday, November 13, a 15-author box set of all new stories releases for the amazing price of 99 cents! This limited-time box set titled Christmas Wishes: Wishes Do Come True is a mixture of historical and contemporary stories set in the small town of Hopeful, Colorado. There are three heat levels: from 1 chili pepper for sweet to 3 chili peppers for sensual. The table of contents gives the heat level of each story. So, there are several to please every reader! Preorder yours now at
Legend says the wishing well in the center of Hopeful makes wishes come true if the wish is made under a full moon. What could making a wish hurt?
Be careful what you wish for!
My story is the first one, Winter Wish. Serena Winters longs for a man who makes her feel loved. She yearns for her own home and children. Until a couple of months ago she had nursed her mother, who had consumption. She lives with her aunt and uncle above their mercantile store. In spite of what her aunt says about wishes being foolish, Serena wishes for a special man.
Brent Adams slips into town hoping no one saw him deliver the load he’d packed in on his mule. He has to wait in Hopeful until he receives funds from the bank. When he meets Serena, he longs to take her with him when he leaves town. But, what will she think when she learns his secrets?

I’ll give away an e-book of MELODY to one person who comments today and one e-book of CHRISTMAS WISHES to one person who comments today.


  1. This sounds like a fun project and your story sounds intriguing. I don't know how you find the time to write so many stories. You must have flash fingers! :-)

  2. Hopeful, Colorado sounds like a fun, fictitious town.

  3. Yay, another book to read! I always love your stories.


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