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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Putting it Together

I was never a fan of Jenga… nothing wrong with the game, but I didn’t like the concept of taking out pieces only to make a strong structure into a precarious one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the strategy of it, but I like building things.

That’s probably why I enjoy reality shows like Project Runway, Ink Master, Face Off, Skin Wars and yes… Bar Rescue… designing and making clothes, creating tattoos, special effects makeup, body painting, and fixing bars!  I like making things work. (Yes, Tim Gunn… I still love you)

The other night while I was in the pool jogging (the only cardio I can get with my injured back) I had an idea for a character connection in my story that would link two apparently separate characters and plot lines.

In my head, I saw a hand fitting a Jenga piece into the tower, not taking it out.

Putting it together. It’s not a huge lightbulb moment, but it was a moment.

Writing is a constant learning process. The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. It’s a cruel cycle, really.

But this thought is one that helps. It gives me a positive thing to hold onto.

So, in my ever-evolving process, I’ll carry that image with me. Finding more blocks to ‘shore up’ the plot line and bring all of those blocks together into a story that I hope my readers will enjoy!


  1. I like Project Runway.

  2. I had to take out 18,000 words from my latest historical novel, Willie, My Love, from 114,000 down to 96,000. But to be honest, it tightened it and made it so much better. I can see both flip sides of adding or taking away from the story line--just so you don't damage the plot. Although I have to admit, adding seems to be easier. And yes, it certainly is an ever-evolving process! Nice post.

  3. It is ever-evolving. I alway feel as if I'm racing to keep up with the latest. Very accurate post, Reina!

  4. Good post, Reina, tied together nicely. Jenga never appealed to me. Most of the reality TV I watch revolves around cooking, crafting, and music.


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