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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas & Continuity by Carolyn Hector

Christmas & Continuity
So here I am LOVING these Christmas movies on Lifetime, ION, UPtv, TV One, and of course Hallmark & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
Last year you may remember the tragic incident where my husband updated our genies which in turn… DELETED ALL OF THE MOVIES.
The pain is still there.

Anyhoo.. I think he feels bad because he’s been watching the long list of movies I have recorded so far. And he allows me to make my comments while watching.
What comments? Y’all know I can be a bit snarky and kinda roll my eyes during some of these movies. Either way, I really do love them. I'm just jealous and waiting for the day that one of my books is selected for a TV movie.  

So one of the reasons I’ve titled this blog continuity is because of watching this one particular movie where the hair over the girl’s ear kept disappearing and then covering her ear. Also while on a carriage ride it began snowing. She makes a comment about the snow and then a scene or two later she and her boyfriend start to build a snowman and she says something along the lines of, “it’s finally snowing.”

So here we are...

*I* have no room to talk. During the editing process. I suck at catching it.

This is why I am a hybrid panster-plotter. I tend to jot down and make boards even cut out photos from magazines for my characters for my heroes and heroines. On my boards I can see where I’m going. It’s great and you’d think looking at the boards I could pick up anywhere and start writing. Problem is, when I start writing chapter 10 when I’m solid on chapters 1-2 and then try to add things together, I tend to repeat myself or miss things. When I get to the full editing process my heroine’s top can change from a scoop neck to a V-neck in a matter of paragraphs. Thank God for Editors who catch what I don’t!
So here I am… learning more each day. My goal this next book is to dig a little deeper with my outfits. 
Remember paper dolls?

How do you keep up with your continuity?

Alright y'all I have a lot of work ahead of me. Happy Holidays! See you next year!

Oh.. and in case you need something to read over the break....

Check out A Tiara Under the Tree. It's just $1.99 right now. And my latest Beauty Queen is out now.  Her Mistletoe Bachelor 



  1. Carolyn, my husband and I make fun of movies where the continuity is poor. For instance, we watched one early this week where the heroine's luggage was lost but a couple of scenes later, she's changed into her pajamas. Things like that annoy me more in a movie than in a book, but--like you--I try hard to avoid continuity errors. Merry Christmas!

  2. Continuity is a pain and I also suck at it. That's why I have Your WorldKeeper track the details in my books. I'm amazed at the things Diane Garland finds.

  3. LOL. I, too, watch the Hallmark channels with movies that have the same plot. Girl from big city comes to rural town, sometimes with a dog or not, and finds the hunk who helps her solve her problem(s). Eventually, they have the "attraction" moment and the HEA occurs at the end, of course. And there is fake snow. LOTS of fake snow. (Notice it never melts in their hair!) Merry Christmas!

  4. I saw the same movie Caroline mentioned. The Christmas movies are so popular that I think they churn them out too fast. Really hard to find one that's truly good.


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