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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Day After the Day Before by Vonnie Davis

The gifts are opened. Most of the company has left. The trash can is full of ripped wrapping paper and empty boxes; left-overs from a feast fill the refrigerator. Months of shopping, wrapping, and baking combined to make a loving family holiday.

And you're pooped.

Yet the house waits for conversion to its normal status sans tree, snowmen, lights, and all your favored decorations.

Maybe New Years Day. There are still friends and family members to see. A few more days of celebration to enjoy.

Evie Rose turns 1 year old Jan. 21at.
Here in my fair city of Lynchburg, land of seven hills, Christmas for Evie and me was quiet. I bought a small tree and a few tiny ornaments that wouldn't overwhelm it. Part of me wanted to avoid the holiday, but  I forced myself to decorate. This year the only lights I strung outside were around the mailbox. Maybe next year I'll drag out more. We'll see.

Surviving the holiday season wasn't as emotionally rough as I feared. Family, friends, and my furry baby girl uplifted my spirits.

I'm a very lucky woman. I trust you're lucky, as well. As we move toward a new year, I'm hoping you meet it healthy, happy, and full of new goals. Blessings to you all. Find value in everything you do and see. Love those who strut through your world.

Here's three of my holiday reads.

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