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Monday, November 26, 2018

When Do You Decorate for Christmas?

Vonnie Davis
Growing up on a farm in South-Central Pennsylvania, ten-days or a week before Christmas, Dad and I would walk through the rolling hills of dormant wheat and corn fields to the forest on the back few acres of our property. He hefted a long-handled ax. I carried the rope and much too much excitement for his liking. Dad enjoyed the quiet of nature; evidently I enjoyed the sound of my own voice.

After carrying the tree across our country road, we sat it in a bucket of water and leaned the pine against the side of the house for TWO days. An eternity for a kid eager to decorate. I knew better than to whine; my parents would never have tolerated it. 

When I had children of my own, we never put the tree up and decorated the house with my snowmen collection until the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

My youngest son and his wife buy their tree the day after Thanksgiving. Too soon im my opinion, but since I was there most of last week I was included in the tree farm experience this year.

Mike and Ryan
My grandson Ryan was home for the holiday, flying in from Boston a few hours after I arrived by car. Ryan is a junior at MIT. A creature of habit, he expects two things when visiting the tree farm about an hour away from their home in Frederick, MD. Number One: He carries the saw and does the physical work. Number Two: While he climbs over the Jeep roof to secure the tree, Tina has to set up a tailgating party of leftover pies, cupcakes and a couple thermoses of hot chocolate. Tina, who can't handle a lot of cold thanks to Reynard's disease, has expectations, too--a  propane heater. There's plenty of teasing and laughter. Yes, ladies, going for a Christmas tree with them is a fun experience.

But, wait, there's more. The tree decorating tradition. Since Ryan was nearing 3, there are a collection of pictures of Mike holding him up to place the angel on the treetop. This year was no different even with Mike's bad shoulder. Ryan claimed this would be the last year since he'll be 21 in May on my 71st birthday. Yes, he was my 50th birthday present. And we do share a special bond.

Mike in Santa shirt holds up Ryan to place the angel.
The day was fun. Still, decorating on the 23rd was just too early. But . . . those fun-loving kids had put me in the holiday spirit. I'm decorating today. Sigh. Don't judge.

So, when do you typically decorate?

***  Need a good Christmas read? I have 3 for your enjoyment. SANTA WORE LEATHERS  was an Amazon choice for November's book of the month. They've dubbed it "the sexiest Christmas fireman romance of 2018." I'm thinking it might be the only Christmas fireman romance, but I'll take their kind words just the same. 

***  Then there's UP THE CHIMNEY .  

***  And for a bear-shifter Christmas romance, there's HIS MIDNIGHT STAR. 

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  1. Now, now, no condemnation for personal preferences. 😉 Not only have I never had a "real tree" (my mom wouldn't allow it growing up, and now that I'm grown, my husband won't pay so much every year, nor do we have any vehicle that could handle a tree on top), but we also like to decorate for Christmas on Election Day here in the US. The first year Obama was elected as president, I was so depressed that I needed to do something cheerful, ie, putting up our Christmas tree. And it's become our own tradition. This year I was fine to wait a little longer, but my sons were begging for it this Election Day because they had been practicing their Christmas music for our church's big Christmas program already.

    1. I say go with the kids' wishes. They grow up so fast. It's great to have traditions to remember. I rarely have a real tree. It'll be just me and my Shih Tzu, Evie, this holiday season, I bought a 4 foot tree and placed it on a round stand.

  2. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving with lots of lights. But we winter in Florida, so I just have a small artificial tree and the old stand-by, a ceramic lighted one. But lots of poinsettias--and snowmen sitting everywhere to remind me of Pennsylvania's beautiful snowy winters.

  3. Wonderful memories and traditions, Vonnie. Our family always went together to cut the tree until my allergies got so bad we had to get an artificial one. Bummer. Now I have three cats, a kitten, and an active young dog waiting to tear into whatever I put up.


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