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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Surviving October by Carolyn Hector

Surviving October 
Carolyn Hector
Happy November! There are 48 days left until Christmas.

October was a crazy month.

First my son hurt his thumb during football practice, played the next game. I went off to my writer’s retreat and when I returned, his finger was black. Turned out he broke thumb. Then we had a hurricane.
We lost power from Wednesday afternoon to Monday afternoon. Everything in the fridge went bad. And the sad thing is… I have accepted I will not survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
During the hurricane we went out to help neighbors…as neighbors do… and two of my nephews decided to charge an old lady $100 for helping. It was an expensive hurricane. Feeding them was ridiculous. I wanted to grill the food from the freezer but without hot water there was no way to wash my hands. So we ate out the whole time. Oy! The no AC just about did me in!
After the hurricane, my son had surgery where the doctor inserted a pin in his thumb. I am a wimpy parent and began tearing up the moment they brought us back into the pre-surgery room. Let’s see, then I had surgery…gallbladder surgery. Do you know how often you use your stomach muscles?
Happy B-lated Halloween. My 15-year-old nephew still went trick-or-treating.... but he can pass for an 11 year-old with his cute adorable lil' face (he won't be pleased to read that.. if he reads this lol)  So I'll let him have that. I did manage to stay upright to make part of the luncheon at my office... I like to call these Monster Legs... or Witches Lets... sorry for the vegans reading.
Sheesh! I’m still off work right now. Then my oldest nephew had all four of his wisdom teeth taken out last week.
This gal is tired! And I still have a November 15th deadline for a proposal and a manuscript. Pray for me!
It is also Christmas movie season Hallmark is FINALLY putting out some diversity. Lifetime is stepping up their game as well. Checkout my list if you like.
Hopefully I’ll have more to share next month. Until then,
Happy Reading & Happy Writing

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He's the CFO for Ravens Cosmetics...and y'all... Beauty sells. 
She's a former beauty queen teaching young girls to be more than a pretty face. 
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