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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Learning Curves - Writing

Learning Curves –

In writing, as any other profession, there are things you need to learn. But, unlike most other jobs out there, there’s not a set training regimen. When I worked as a teller for a Credit Union, I had a checklist for skills that I needed to learn. Classes I had to attend to learn about Computer Programs specific to the EFTs and Debit Cards. There was a method to the madness.

Not exactly the same for authors. Sure, there are classes. Lots of classes. And many of them are really good, but a lot of what I’ve discovered in writing I’ve either stumbled over it as an issue, or had someone clue me in on what else I have learn.

This last week’s lesson for me?

Series Bibles –
And no, if you haven’t heard the phrase before, it’s not meant to knock or belittle the actual Bible. A Series Bible – holds all of the pertinent information on Characters, Locations, Events in a book series.

And it’s mostly to help the author keep track of the W’s in a series. Who What When Where

I used to use just a word doc – but it’s harder to keep the facts that I need straight

I’m starting a Contemporary Romance Series next year –
So far I have Character sections and Locations sections in the Excel Sheet.

Characters - Name, Unit, M/F, Job, Race, Eyes, Hair…
Locations – Name, Business/Home, Character

Later on, I’ll add more information ‘columns’ as I realize what’s needed. I’ve done something similar for a Sweet Western Series that I’m writing… that’s what makes Excel the best possible method for keeping track of all of the facts I need. It’s much easier to drop in a column or a row instead of trying to add pieces to a word document.

Are there better ways to do all this work? I’m sure… but this is how I’m figuring it out for now. :D

So… do you have a better idea?

Do you know a program that would handle this better?


  1. I still use a Word doc. I'm sure Excel would be less complicated. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. It's crazy how things change over time... I like the columns in Excel when I do indents in word sometimes things don't line up as well... I'm a creative type that likes disorder and order at the same time lol

  2. I learned the hard way to keep a Master List of all names used in a book. I ended up with heroines in 2 books both having the same surname--and they were not related in any way. The second book came about because I had only a few weeks to get it written. I sat down and the words flowed--including the heroine's name. Imagine my surprise a few years later when I realized I'd used the same last name as a book a few years before.

    1. I have a character list but sometimes I fail to input the information... I'm trying to develop a check list of things to do at the end of writing a book/publishing and a checklist of what to do at the start :D

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