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Monday, April 2, 2018


By Caroline Clemmons

April is the month when showers bring May flowers. I apologize to those who are still surrounded by snow. Spring has arrived in North Central Texas.

My mom's favorite flower, iris
Iris and daffodils are in bloom. Our hyacinths have finished. This is the time of year I vow to plant more bulbs in the fall as well as a couple of forsythia bushes.

However, this post is about weather and whether it works as one of the characters in a book. I say it does—for some books. For instance, in several of my romances the weather plays a major part of the plot.

In my first published romance, BE MY GUEST, the heroine was trapped with the hero in a flood. In THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP, a dust storm isolated the main characters, one of whom was an asthmatic child. (Thanks to Beth Trissel for her help with the herbal treatments in that book.) In LORRAINE, a tornado had the hero and heroine seeking protection in the kneehole of a desk. Cozy, right?

In my latest release, TEXAS LIGHTNING, you can guess that lightning plays a part. In MURDOCH’S BRIDE, snow isolated the human characters. In fact, I’ve used snow in several books.

My theory is that a character doesn’t have to be human. Authors use whatever they need to develop the story and make it as entertaining as possible. Sometimes that includes using the weather to move the story forward.    


  1. Nice post. Weather is an important part of a story's setting. It makes it so much more realistic and believable. I seem to use rain a lot in my historical romances. BTW, the weather has not been nice to Pennsylvania.

  2. I'm excited to read Texas Lightning!

    Weather does come in handy, especially for throwing a formidable obstacle in the main characters' path. Snowstorms work great for stranding couples in a cozy cabin. Especially those who are recalcitrant to cooperate with their HEA. LOL.

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