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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Survival Month ..Whew! By Carolyn Hector

Here are the things I survived this month.
3- Gray Thursday
4- Black Friday
5- 3 Birthdays
6- Car ride to Atlanta/Atlanta Traffic
7- Completed a manuscript
8- Edits

Image result for toot my own horn meme gif

Let's start with the NaNoWriMo. I didn't write EVERY DAY... but I did manage to make my goal by 4 in the afternoon on November 30th when the contest ended. So.. yay.. beep beep!Image result for nanowrimo

Let's say why I didn't write every single day....No automatic alt text available.
              #1 rule in the house.. no rough-housing. ... how do they get around this? They go off and decide to play the slapsy-game. I have no idea what it is but in my mind I'm imagining it goes a lot like this
Image result for slapsgiving gif montage

So one comes home Thanksgiving Eve and is sore.. but doesn't say HOW he got hurt. So here I am babying him... and come to find out it's because they were playing he slap game....

This brings me to .. How I Survived Gray Thursday. You know how they say never shop when hungry.... never go Christmas present shopping when you're pissed off with your kids. We were back so quickly. Usually we're home the next day.... Not this time. Oh.. and while were out the boys managed to devour a whole pan of mac-n-cheese.

Another reason it has been hard meeting my NaNoWriMo because I swear I am constantly getting up to wash clothes. Related image. I would let them wash their own clothes but that is also my "stockade" for snacks and they would just raid it.

Image may contain: textEither way... I completed my NaNoWriMo.. and a short time later ...Baby #32 was born.

Now in between finishing NaNoWriMo I got my edits back for my June 2018 book.
Tempting the Beauty Queen (Once Upon a Tiara) by [Hector, Carolyn] ain't she gorgeous!?!

So got the edits back.. and had to take a road ATLANTA y'all! My beautiful niece's son celebrated his 1st birthday .. I just call him my nephew because great-nephew makes me feel like I'm old...and I promise you I'm 30 ...okay-okay okay so I'm not THAT young lol We drove to Atlanta.. and by WE I mean my daughter drove and I acted like the folks on a Slingshot Ride

Related image

When I returned..I really had to buckle down and work on my edits which were due on the 5th.
Image result for proverbial procrastinator

I promise.. I'm not going to make the same mistake. My next deadline is the 15th. I am going to look it over before submitting it... Carly--if you're reading this... I promise I've stopped writing TOWARDS. Image result for toward or towards

I can now concentrate on Stranger Things and all the Christmas movies on my DVR. 
And read this...
The Swede (Denver Rebels Book 2) by [Smith, Maureen]

I have been waiting a very long time for this book by Maureen Smith. I suggest you get it too... but start with
Wicked Games (Denver Rebels Book 1) by [Smith, Maureen]

So what does one eat to survive this
Image result for cookie butter Image result for coffee gif Image result for chips and salsa

While the boys made their own sandwiches. Hey! I made them have a salad with them!

Image result for sandwiches gif

My favorite scents have been.....

Image may contain: candles and fireImage result for cinnamon pretzels candle

And my playlist has been made up with

Image result for mariah carey christmasImage result for michael buble christmasImage result for dave barnes christmas and

Image result for bruno mars

So now... I am going to take a nap... Image result for princess tiana tired gif

Get refreshed and start all over Image result for time to make the donuts gif

'cause this mama has deadlines!Image result for writing fast gif

Image result for happy holidays
Related imageImage result for cozy happy holidays book christmas treeImage result for cozy happy holidays book christmas tree


MR. AND MRS. ROSSI - Wild Rose Press, March 2015
THE MAGIC OF MISTLETOE - Harlequin Kimani Romance, November 2015
THE BACHELOR AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN- Harlequin Kimani Romance, March 2016
HIS SOUTHERN SWEETHEART - Harlequin Kimani Romance, October 2016
THE BEAUTY AND THE CEO - Harlequin Kimani, June 2017
A TIARA UNDER THE TREE - Harlequin Kimani, November 2017
TEMPTING THE BEAUTY QUEEN - Harlequin Kimani, June 2018


  1. "I'm not a procrastinator. I just prefer doing all my work in a deadline-induced panic." Thanks for the laugh this morning! Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Carolyn, your posts are always such fun. With so much on our plates, finding time for writing is hard. We manage though, don't we?


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