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Sunday, July 2, 2017


Here in North Central Texas the weather had finally moderated after a spike of temper last week to a heat index of 106. From what I hear about Arizona, residents have my sympathy. Heat index of 126 degrees F. Yikes!

To a full-time writer, the weather is not as important as to most occupations. The commute is very short for me--from the bedroom to my little pink office. Fortunately, I have a ceiling fan and an air-conditioning vent over my computer. Hero just brought me a Cherry Dr Pepper. Life is good.

I can wear my jammies to work if I wish.
(This graphic reminds me of
Vonnie Davis' bear series.)

So I concentrate on my writing. Many people assume that if a person works from home, he or she doesn't have a "real" job. I assure you that I do and I work anywhere from six to fourteen hours a day writing and promoting on social media and studying the changes to social media. The shorter time is because at times my life outside of writing interferes with my art.

My latest release, LORRAINE, Bride Brigade book 6, was published on May 22nd. I love this heroine, Lorraine Stuart. She is a feisty redhead who wants to be a recognized writer. Of course, she achieves her goal because this is a sweet romance and that means you're guaranteed a happy ending.

Now I'm working on my July 18 release, SNARE HIS HEART, Loving A Rancher Series book 5, for Debra Holland's Montana Sky Series at Kindle World. Whew! That was a convoluted sentence, wasn't it? There are numerous wonderful writers associated with Debra's series. If you haven't already, please give them a chance to entertain you.

The problem with writing a lot of books is coming up with new twists. For instance, all of the young women in the Bride Brigade Series traveled together to Tarnation, Texas. Yet, each book has to revolve around a different situation and obstacles. Each woman is in her twenties and is looking for a husband. Giving each a different motivation was a challenge. But, like most writers, I love a challenge and chance to "stretch" my skills.

The same problem is true with the Kindle World books. My series is called Loving a Rancher, but each rancher has to be different from the others. The same is true for the heroines. Believe me, after 39 books and novellas, coming up with new situations is not easy. I believe I've succeeded so far. You'll have to be the judge.

The hero of SNARE HIS HEART has been badly burned and has scars on the right side of his body. He received them when he tried to rescue his late wife from their burning home. He thinks he will never love again. The heroine is a generally cheerful and optimistic young woman who is determined to "snare his heart" and his love but faces unjust accusations from his brother.

Usually, what happens when plotting a new story is I visualize the hero and heroine in a little movie in my head. The scene I "see" may not be the opening but could be several chapters later. Still, that little imaginary movie gives me a good handle on the characters. I've heard many other authors mention they see a movie for their characters, so if that makes me insane I have good company. ☺

I recently heard from a writer friend that she's stopped writing and doesn't miss it. That surprised me. I can't imagine not writing. I love pouring out stories from my heart. Doing so makes me happy. I write and send the stories out wishing they'll make readers happy. I intend them to provide a brief escape from the days's problems with a trip to another time and place where everyone overcomes obstacles. Perhaps that will give the reader the incentive to overcome his or her problems.

I hope you are looking forward to a fun-filled  and safe Fourth of July. For my family, the day will involve peace and quiet after an impossibly hectic past month and to gear up for the coming two weeks.



  1. I, for one, am happy with your choice of professions! I love your books and always look forward to the next one! I am a very happy reader! Happy Fourth to you and yours!

  2. Hi Caroline, Like you I am the full-time writer, part-time rancher. ;) I also put in 6-14 hour days depending on where I'm at in a book and promotion. I agree with the plots, except I jump around to different genres so the premise/plot isn't always the same. After not being able to write most of June, I was antsy and ready to write when all the company left. Hubby learned a long time ago, if I'm not writing, I'm not happy. I will be writing until my brain is so befuddled I can't keep a story straight in my head. Great post and insight into your writing life.

  3. I enjoyed hearing about your books and writing life! Happy 4th!!

  4. You do a great job with mixing it up, Caroline! I love your books.


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