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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fun in the sun and getting the job done!

Happy Day or two After 4th of July...I hope your neighbors have finally stopped setting off firecrackers.

So I made Patriotic jello, drinks, and these funfetti fried oreos.. using patriotic colors. Anyhoo.. is there such a thing as too sweet? Yes.. Yes there is! But don't listen to me. Here's the link for the Funfetti Fried Oreos. Word of advice, don't use a deep fryer with a limit on how hot the oil can be. It needs to get hot hot hot otherwise you may run the risk of everything melting off the stick. 

Who’s going to RWA in Orlando?

Since it’s so close to us and the kids are going off to be with the grandparents… I’ll be there!
I’ve gotten absolutely no reading done. BUTTTTTTT I did complete my manuscript and turned it on. So let the pages begin! 

New gizmo to share…. That I got from Piper Huguley Piper Huguley I was able to finish my manuscript by keeping away from the distractions of social media. I did not come up with this, I read what Piper said about AlphaSmart (and saw the price) and I thought I'd give it a try. It was a life saver! I could write in the car on the way home, write by the pool, and write at home just being unplugged from the internet. And it is big enough so my fat fingers don't get in the way. Check out the article and tell me if you're sold on it. What She Said/Article on AlphaSmart 

Father’s Day ideas went over well 

 of course... lol

There are 38 more days until school starts.

We have a ghost in our house who loves to eat all the junk food. His name is “Not Me”

This summer life with the boys is for the birds!
How is it these boys can beat every game.. find every hidden nook and cranny (what is a cranny)... on a video  game.. memorize basketball players moves and names but can't seem to clean up after themselves? I have a few pouters in my house now. I know I'm going to sound like my dad.. but sheesh! If I had a nickle every time I seemed to make these boys mad.

So with RWA being my only vacation….I will once again have to live vicariously through reading or through writing. What do you recommend? I want something tropical. 

It was recently Halfmas... I had to remind folks of my Christmas book, The Magic of Mistletoe and for y'all here.. I thought I'd reveal my new cover of my upcoming novel (which you can pre-order now) A Tiara Under the Tree

Alright y'all I've got to get back to picking a muse for my latest Once Upon a Tiara installment.... 
Hmm where shall I start... Dam He FineMen in Uniform, or Hot Men With Tattoo. Ahhh  this is the the hardest part of being a romance writer (said no woman ever!)

Happy Summering! 


  1. Carolyn, your new cover is gorgeous! Halfmas is a clever term. Wish I'd thought of it. LOL Best wishes for continued success.

    1. Thanks! I can't take the credit for it. I heard it from Hallmark. BTW... Hallmark's half-way-to-Christmas-Movies start next week. Woo hoo!

  2. Thank you for the information on AlphaSmart. It looks like a winner to use if you don't want distractions. One question: Can you look backward on any portion of the work you've typed in? To re-read it, for example?

    1. You can go back. You can see at least 4 lines... and if you need to scroll up more, you just hit the arrow button but it really narrows what you see.... which helps you get the word-count in rather than edit as you go. I was confused when I plugged it in to transfer the work I did to my PC... I realized I needed to keep a blank word doc open otherwise when you hit "send" tries to send it to whatever is open on your computer.


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