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Saturday, June 4, 2016

#NewRelease LUCK OF THE DRAW, and other fun stuff @JacquieRogers #western

A New Release Amidst the Multitude 
of Irons in the Fire

It’s my day to post at Smart Girls Read Romance and I have to admit, the 4th sneaked up on me this month.  That’s because I have so durn many irons in the fire.  I’m writing Sidetracked in Silver City (Honey Beaulieu – Man Hunter #2), for publication the first week in August.  And I’m in a rush to get everything read for the doin’s at Silver City.

Let me tell you, having a readers’ event at a venue that’s two hours from civilization, in a hotel that’s authentic, and I mean authentic (except it has two flush toilets) with no electricity—no AC, no lights after midnight—well, it’s a trial.  But it’s going to be so worth it!

We have to get costumes together, write two melodramas, get all the attendees to order their food (because the hotel owners have to bring everything in ahead of time—no Safeway within two hours, you know), coordinate the authors, order the decorations, make the banner, get stuff for goody bags, find stuff for the auction... whew!!!

By the way, all proceeds from the auction (authors are providing the gift baskets) goes to the Children’s Tumor Foundation to find a cure for neurofibromatosis, which affects my daughter and granddaughters.  You can get more information and register on my events page.

Meantime, I’m doing my best to get 2,000 words in a day on Sidetracked.  Some days, it’s a trial.  Today, for instance.  I’d told my daughter we’d go shopping for her birthday today.  Can’t renege on that sort of thing.  She picked out some really cute clothes, then we ate at a fast food joint, and went grocery shopping.  That all took about five hours, which is a big hunk out of my day.

We’ll be in Idaho for our son’s birthday, which is June 13, so we’re having a birthday dinner for both him and our daughter on Sunday, and I have to get ready for that.  Each birthday kid gets to pick two dishes.  My son picked homemade potato soup and my daughter picked fajitas.  We'll also have a salad bar, and of course you can't have potato soup without biscuits.

Meantime, we’re still not sure how we’re going to make the life-size Honey Beaulieu stand up for photo ops, nor am I sure how to end the scene I’m writing.  Or not writing, since I'm writing this.  LOL.

Plus I need to get the dishes done and the bed made before my IT Guy gets home from his business trip.  You might say I’ve been slacking in that regard while he was gone, but don't tell him.  Too many other things to do.  Oh, and laundry—did I mention that?  It’s always good to have clean socks.

Just because all that wasn’t enough, one of my publishers released an anthology that includes my story.  I've been waiting for this story to be released for nearly two years.

If you’ve read Sleight of Heart, you’ll want to read Wolf Creek, Book 15: Luck ofthe Draw, Part One.  My story, The Lucky Hundred-Dollar Bill, is a prequel to Sleight of Heart. 

Burke O’Shaughnessy was a smooth, quick-witted gambler in Sleight of Heart, and he only meets his match when Lexie Campbell shoots off his hat.  Well, he wasn’t always so smooth and quick-witted.

The Lucky Hundred-Dollar Bill takes place eleven years earlier on his very first trip away from the Mississippi riverboats where he grew up.  He heard about a big poker tournament and he plans to clean up. I really got a kick out of him.  Fun story.  I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I think Kinko makes life-size stand up posters. How are you getting readers to your event? Are they staying there too? I know you'll have a ton of fun! Anything involving you is bound to be fun. Also glad to know there are a couple of flush toilets. Going back in time is appealing only if there is plumbing. LOL

    1. The road is pretty good--people can drive up because they just graded it. Only 20 miles of dirt road, the rest is paved.

      I'm plenty happy about the flush toilets, too. Campers have to use the outhouse, though. The hotel even has a shower although I'm unclear as to whether we'll have hot water or not. They might have a solar water heater or something.

  2. Wow! You're sure busy! It sounds like you're accomplishing a lot. Your event sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Sometimes when I get too much to do, I don't get anything done! Just a little on this and a little on that, but nothing all the way to the end. That frustrates me.

      And yes, no matter whether all the plans cave in or not, we plan on having a great time.

  3. Oh my! I'm tired just reading about all of that. *g* Good luck with it all. I have a feeling you'll manage swimmingly.


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