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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Story Behind Old Doors

I love old doors, large, small, quaint, cozy, bold, dramatic, dark...such mystery. What secrets they may hide. I'm not alone in my fascination with doors and the people/stories behind them. Disney's Monsters, Inc is all about kid's doors and monsters in closets, but I digress. In my Dec. 14th release, YA fantasy romance, The Hunter's Moon, Morgan Daniel is struck by the door leading into Wapicoli Lodge, the massive family hub of her soon-to-be heartthrob, the handsome Native American teen, Jackson. She's also wonders at the totem standing to one side of the entrance.

      ' All along the colorful painted pole were wolf carvings, mostly faces, with gaping jaws and fangs; others were carved with their mouths shut. In some instances, the entire beast was displayed, its legs stretched out. What or who was it chasing? '
      Then she spies the door.

     'Above the wooden door stout enough to withstand a battering ram were yet more wolf carvings. They stared down at her as if they held the secret to an age-old mystery. Perhaps they did.
      Goosebumps scattered over her from head to toe. Where was she?'

Good question, and one we spend the rest of the story exploring. That door definitely stirred my curiosity, mingled with a sense of dread. 

Story Blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Morgan Daniel has been in the witness protection program most of her life. But The Panteras have caught up with her and her younger brother. Her car is totaled, she's hurt, and the street gang is closing in when wolves with glowing eyes appear out of nowhere and chase away the killers.
Then a very cute guy who handles a bow like Robin Hood emerges from the woods and takes them to safety at his fortress-like home.

And that's just the first sign that Morgan and her brother have entered a hidden world filled with secrets.

The Hunter's Moon is available in pre-order at many sites now: At Amazon at Barnes & Noble 

Next in my Secret Warrior Series, Curse of the Moon, is in edits and I'm at work on the third, The Panther Moon, published by The Wild Rose Press.

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