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Monday, June 22, 2015

Where Dreams Go

Where Dreams Go, Oregon Historicals Book 2, picks up the Stevens family, from Round the Bend, at a critical time. It is 1855; and the family has experienced a major loss, but also a joy, as they await the arrival of a baby. A new, very unexpected romance is brewing as the story takes the reader through more of Oregon's history. Change is ahead, and it's not easy for all to accept its coming.

He had long loved her, a secret impossible love. At lonely campfires across the west, where death waited in the shadows, he had dreamed of her. Then word arrived that what had been impossible was no longer. When he came to convince her to be his own, she put up barriers. He could overcome those. Could he overcome the greatest of all—who he was?

Oregon Territory held many dangers; but the one that killed Martha Stevens’ beloved husband struck without warning on the most mundane of days. She has been forced to live alone, to make a life on her homestead, one that is purposeful, oriented to her family. Her expectations do not include a man coming into that life, who like a tornado upturns her expectations and all she has known. What this wild man wants is impossible. Or is it?

Where Dreams Go is set in 1855's Oregon Territory where these new pioneers must learn skills needed to build a state. Building a new world isn’t for the weak. Dangers are always there for those who dare to walk the high places.

Can we live our dreams—or is the cost too high?

     "It's a woman," Pollard confided.
     "Don’t say," St. Louis said with interest.
     "John, shut up," Adam growled.
     Pollard laughed. “But, of course, my friend.”
     "Some friend," Adam groaned, giving Joe a little kick nudging him into a gallop. "See you two at the cabin," he yelled over his shoulder as he gave Joe his head.
     As Adam felt the power of his horse under his thighs, he felt the first stirrings of freedom and release in years. He'd forgotten what it felt like to have the wind with him, to be sailing through time. Life was suddenly sweet. Maybe there’d be a tomorrow after all.
     Bending low over Joe's neck, he urged the horse on. Joe was as caught up in the joy of movement, the rapid pace they were cutting across the land, as Adam. There was no need to urge him to greater efforts. They hit the creek crossing and didn’t slow, sending water high in the air.
As though the fight and now this wild ride had burned the alcohol, the death, anger, and frustration from his system, Adam could think clearly for the first time in months. Finally, he slowed his horse. Stopping to look at the country through which he’d been riding, he absently stroked Joe’s neck as he looked into the distance. Far below he could see the silver ribbon of the river; above loomed the mass of the mountain.
     This last week, he'd decided he should leave, head north, but something had stopped him and now he knew what. He'd come here for her; then had acted like the child she thought he was. Rushing her and then not giving her time to think about something that had to be all new to her. He had wanted her for too long. He was too close.
     She had said she wouldn’t marry him, but she had also said she loved him. He wouldn’t give this dream up without a fight. If he lost, it wouldn’t be because he’d run with his tail between his legs. For once in his life, he was in reach of what he’d thought would never be his. Only a fool would run off before he knew for sure there was no hope.
Where Dreams Go eBook will be $2.99 until August 1, 2015 --

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  1. Rain, this sounds like a book I have to read. Best wishes for a gazillion sales!

  2. I love the description in your excerpt. You made me feel as if I were dashing across the countryside with Adam and Joe! I'm looking forward to reading this story.

  3. Thanks. Boy, if anything could go wrong with this book's release, it did. We ended up with a publishing glitch where the edits got saved not fixed... We learned a few things about pre-releasing a book the way we did this one but painful when it goes wrong even when you understand why. For anyone who bought the book as a pre-release, go over to Manage your kindle and ask for the corrected version. There weren't a lot of those last edits but one is too many for that kind of goof where it takes the reader right out of the book. The publisher is kicking himself all over the place but things go wrong and can't do anything but onward and upward ;).


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