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Friday, April 18, 2014

What I Learned at a Book Signing

Hi All,

How many of your have gone to a book signing to meet their favorite author? My hand is raised. I love meeting new authors and learning about their next project. When I was recently at a signing a fan came up to me and said she'd been looking all over for me. She wanted to not only buy my book, but learn more about me as a person and a writer.

Need I say I was delighted!

Fans are wonderful for a writer's ego, but they're also great inspiration. Their loyalty keeps us at the computer long into the night. They make us want to write better stories and deeper plots. That's why I'm a fan girl. I'm still in awe of my favorite authors and I know many of them personally. They're my friends and critique partners.

I'm always in awe of how they come up with different plots, characters I know intimately and words that invoke emotions. I am a writer, but first I am a reader. I love having a book, or kindle in my hands. It's like your favorite teddy bear when you were young. I take comfort in knowing the minute I turn that page, a whole new world opens for me.

I hope you all continue to read your whole life. And I hope, when you have the opportunity, you will go to a book signing to meet your favorite author.

She'll appreciate it very much.

Happy Endings,
Geri Foster


  1. Great post, Geri. Readers may not realize that before we were writers, we were avid readers. We still are.

  2. Geri, I love book signings. I've gone to several to meet authors I like. I've also had book signings, and each one was a lot of fun. I especially liked the ones where I sold more than 100 books, or maybe it was the cake they had that I liked. *g* I do love cake. Plus you get to meet readers who love books as much as you do.


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