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Thursday, May 23, 2024


 by Judy Ann Davis

 "May is the month or expectation, 
the month of wishes, 
 the month of hope.”—Emily Bronte

It’s the merry month of May. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the warmth of the sun beckons us outside to smell the newly mowed grass. It’s the dig-in-the-dirt month, too. Everyone is scouring the nurseries for flowers and plants to decorate their porches and flowerbeds and for their gardens.                                                      

Most nights, we can hear our resident owl hooting away, often beyond midnight. He’s taken up a nightly position nearby our bedroom window, possibly on the roof of the house. It’s a comforting, if not slightly eerie sound to lull you to sleep.

  I always have too many projects in half-started  states when spring arrives. The birdhouses have to be cleaned, refurbished, and set out. My hummingbird feeder is now suspended along our patio for early arrivals. The robins are nesting under our deck and in the rhododendrons. The aggravating grackles have returned, chasing away the small birds at the feeders. The sparrows have taken over the bluebird house. The chaos has begun for our springtime feathered friends.

Central Pennsylvania is in the migrating path of orioles heading north, and I was lucky to catch an orange flash of one clinging to the hummingbird feeder the other morning.

Our weather has also been erratic during the entire month with more rain than usual.  Rainy days teaches us to slow down. It’s nature’s way of telling us to shift to a more unhurried pace, interrupting our rush to get things done, but allowing us to experience the joy of spring. If we are lucky, we may even be rewarded with a rainbow stretching from horizon to horizon above budding and blooming trees in hues of green, white, lavender, and pink. 

Do you have a favorite month...or even months?

Oh, how I love the colorful month of May with warmer temperatures and beautiful landscapes here in Pennsylvania!                  

~ * ~  

 A sweet romantic western and mystery!
Best Book Award Finalist!


  1. May is my favorite for a whole list of reasons. So is December. There is something to like about every one--although February is a challenge. Nice post, Judy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, February is a challenge and my most "disliked" month, too..

  3. I love your blogs, Judy. You are so productive with your time. I, too, love May. We do have a lot of rain in May, but it helps water the yard. My youngest daughter and I get in the mood to rush out and buy bedding plants while my eldest daughter is planting vegetables. My roses are doing so well, and it makes me happy to see and smell them. I wish I were as efficient with my time as you are.


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