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Saturday, March 23, 2024


by Judy Ann Davis

In the  IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) this month, the March 6th questions asked members what I am repeating here and which I consider pertinent questions for all writers:  Have you "played" with AI to write synopses, or do you refuse to go that route? How do you feel about AI's impact on creative writing?

Out of curiosity, I'd like to hear from everyone what are your thoughts. Here is a portion of my response:

Universities are already working closely to develop anti-AI software and advocating student dismissals from a class if it is being used when human creative input is required. AI will result in a great deal of lay-offs in numerous industries once it advances. 

Many people believe we will lose the "genius" of the human mind since AI books and works will flood an already flooded market. How many aspiring young writers or even present-day writers will give up or throw in the towel not wanting to compete with it?

Someone recently posted on Facebook a saying that sums Artificial Intelligence up for many people: Why should I bother reading something that nobody could be bothered to write?"                                 ~*~

What are your thoughts and insights as writers, artists, or someone who has explored AI's advancements?

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  1. I'm appalled by it and scared to death of it. I haven't done the virtual audio on my books for those two reasons. That being said, I'm likely shooting myself in the foot for refusing to go there. I'm waiting un-anxiously for the first romance novel imprint to be be created solely by AI. Sorry, Judy--you asked! :-(

    1. I'm on various writers' sites, and all the younger, novice writers are embracing it for both written work and cover/artistic work. I can't imagine all the jobs that may be lost from news reporters, to screen writers, to novel writers...and the list goes on and on. Human creativity may a thing of the past.

  2. My only comment as a person who is not a published writer, but a person who loves words, and the thoughts they express, as a human, and all that implies , I ask, what does an AI know of love, laughter, fears and how a person might do to navigate with empathy, and vision as a human on the planet. Why is it important to take away the ability of people to communicate with one another as we navigate our way through life? I can see no gain, in at least this aspect of AI, to sterilize our thoughts to the point of having no human quality at all. Is there intent to vacuum all books, literature from across time, to take away the need for readers to comprehend or surface comprehension so you needn't think at all, but just exist in a space that belongs only to you? I find this dismal, to say the least.

  3. Well said. Right now, generations under us only communicate via phones and messaging. We will have a world that is anything but humanly interactive. Even our reading materials will be dull and unemotional.

  4. I’m somewhere in the middle - As far as job loss, all innovation and progress has created some degree of job loss and that is inevitable. So far AI has been great for “guarded” research- but just like the web, the info can be garbage- One thing I have read though is that AI has added to the amount of garbage on the web. As far as design- it can make incredible artwork. I do have an AI based software and it is useful in helping with rephrasing- however, even rephrasing requires rewriting and using what is valuable- It certainly isn’t book ready - in most instances. So, I am embracing it - might as well- it’s not going away. - SE


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