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Saturday, March 2, 2024


 By Caroline Clemmons

Spring has sprung in our part of the world. If the old adage “In like a lion, out like a lamb” is true, we’re in trouble. For now, we are enjoying lovely weather.

Spring is my favorite time of year. In spite of the fact that it brings a problem—allergies. Ahhhhchooo! Our immediate family members each suffer from allergies. Big time.

Hero added two new roses to our tiny rose bed. Almost no person is allergic to roses. In addition, they are my favorite flower. The two new ones are both floribundas. One is a white one chosen by Darling Daughter 2. The other is called Ebbtide, and has purple petals. We’ve never seen this rose in bloom and are eager for flowers.

Yesterday, we went for a drive south to Waco. The weather was perfect—blue sky and cool breeze. A day sure to cheer almost anyone. Hero was having a flare of his Parkinson’s but didn’t tell us until we were home. He assured us he enjoyed the day in spite of his illness.

We weren’t able to sightsee because we were on a mission. Darling Daughter 2 occasionally does little things for a rescue group called Highway Hounds. A woman in Waco had adopted a puppy and was certain he was dangerous because he chewed on things. Hello, puppies chew. She said unless he was picked up yesterday, she was calling the pound. What a meanie!

Armed with a box of Kleenex, we left in time to stop at West, a city founded by Czechoslovakians. The Chzek Stop has lovely baked goods. Once when we were there we heard a little boy tell his mom he wanted a “square donut,” and that’s what we usually call the kolaches. Yes, we’re kind of a corny family.

After our brief stop, we munched kolaches as we rode along I35. Well, Darling Daughter 2 ate one at our stop and then drove. We arrived at the woman’s apartment at the appointed time to pick up this “dangerous” dog, an adorable eight-month-old puppy named Moe. He had been living in a small box-like area of her small apartment. Moe was so sweet, a lab/chihuahua mix. We delivered him to the rescue group, Highway Hounds, and learned a foster home awaited Moe.

We enjoyed a day well spent in our favorite time of year. What is your favorite time of year?

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  1. Lab-chihuahua? What a mix! Sounds like a good day. Hope Hero's flare settled down.

    1. The dog resembled a greyhound, but we decided he was too thin. It was a lovely day. Thank you for commenting, Liz.

  2. Sandi loved roses and we had rose bushes in pots. She had a number of friends who were highly allergic to roses so we always had to move them. When her chemo started, she became allergic, and then her docs told her that many folks are allergic to them and they often no longer are once they start chemo.

    This pollen season has been brutal for weeks now and seems to be worse whenever Scott and I walk outside. What is helping a little bit is I bought two Medify Air Filter units after hearing our primary doc rave how great they are. I have one at the front of the house and one at the back. Seems to help a bit.

  3. I hope you're not allergic to bluebells! Sorry that Hero was having issues on the day of your outing but I bet he was just glad to see a bit of the world. And too cool about rescuing the dog.

    I love spring but we're in the throes of winter up here in Idaho. We had snow and sunshine today. It's very weird to see snow through rays of sun but that's not uncommon here. Pollens will start to plague us all in about a month.


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