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Monday, May 22, 2023

Good things happening in my life right now

πŸ’• Good things happening in my life right nowπŸ’• 

Where to start?

πŸ’«First, the first book in my 

Misleading Mail Orders series 

came out in Audio!

πŸ’«Second, it received this awesome Review from AudioBookReviewer Magazine

Misleading Mail Orders

by Zerry Greenwood

Narrated by: Margie Valine

Production by: Zerry Greenwood

A Delightful Yet Intense Listen!

After making the decision to become a mail-order bride, Lavina arrives at the man’s front door only to discover he has sold his home and moved on. Cue in the ruggedly handsome Cliff and his two adorable yet mischievous daughters looking for a new mom and the fun and romance begins.

The author, Zerry Greenwood, weaves a romantic story around the often-used mail-order bride system that many men and women took advantage of back in the 1800s. Historically accurate, Greenwood builds strong characters with unique situations thus creating not only a romantic connection but a much stronger one out of respect and kindness for one another. The conversations between each character were authentic and rich, moving the story forward. The mix of conniving young girls wanting a mother was moving. A new wife for their dad made this story fun and reflective as we listen to the dad struggle with his wants, his girls, and the appropriate action. While some may find his decisions devious, I found them romantic.

The narrator, Margie Valine was impressive with her rich titillating voice. Her skill injected the right amount of doubt, fear, longing, haughtiness, and desire into each of the characters’ dialogue and personalities. She spoke clearly and with a solid cadence. She enriches the listener’s experience.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy light romance, adventure, and a simple, yet detailed story. A definite light-hearted and delightful listen!

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook.

πŸ’«And last but not least, my 3rd in the 

Reasons Two Love trilogy 

is edited and waiting for a good proofreading.

Reasons Two Stay

Now back to writing the 4th book  in my 
πŸ’–Native Nirvana Series.πŸ’–

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  1. Love the story line! Congratulations! May your good luck continue!


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