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Tuesday, May 23, 2023


by Judy Ann Davis

Writers like all people have fears and doubts. Maybe it's because of the creative process involved with writing, but maybe it’s because writers tend to be a little more passionate, a little more emotional, and a little more sensitive than most people.

Most of our anxieties and worries begin with the “What if. . .?” What if I can’t write the next chapter? What if I can’t finish this novel? What if I get writer’s block? What if I’m not able to edit the manuscript correctly? What if I’m not creative? What if my critique partner or group hates it? What if the readers don’t like it? What if I can’t get it published?

Amid all these distracting worries, depression takes hold, often preventing us from doing our best—and our biggest fear actually becomes self-fulfilling, and we do nothing.

How do we break the cycle?

ANALYZE -- First, ask yourself: Are my fears rational? How many of my past fears have come true? What was my biggest fear this time last week, last month, last year? What is the worst thing that can happen? The answers will help you put your fears in perspective.

PRIORITIZE -- If you decide your fears are grounded, the worst thing you can do is worry. Worry is negative believing and leads to paralysis. Instead, devise a plan. Make it active and positive. Decide what steps need to be taken and the order in which you need to take them. Remember, the one sure cure for writer’s block is sitting down in front of the computer and starting to type. Write anything. Just start. Put some sentences or thoughts swirling around in your head on paper. Or start typing: "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" over and over again. I guarantee you’ll start writing something different and better after a few short rounds of that boring maneuver.

VISUALIZE -- To turn your plan into reality spend a few minutes each day visualizing success. See yourself completing that project or manuscript. Imagine everyone’s pleased reaction. Imagine your pleased reaction. And think about the pride you’ll feel and rewards you’ll reap.

Remember, fear will never go away as long as we continue to grow. The only way to get rid of fear and to feel better about ourselves is to go out and do whatever we fear. After all, pushing through our fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.  

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  1. I almost (I'm not sure about this at all) think we need that fear--at least, some of it--to be able to put it into our writing. Great post!

    1. I agree. But...I think there is a lot of us who are introverts and dislike embracing fear and then moving forward. I wish I knew why. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It has been said many times, many ways, but once we have overcome our fears and when we live like we have nothing to lose, then and only then can we achieve true greatness. My personal mantra- Thanks for the reminder.

    1. That's a great mantra!

  3. You must have been following me around, Judy. :) May was a bad month for me. My husband and daughter scraped me off the floor and cheered me. My mom always said "If only..." all the time. I believe if I told her I'd won several million in the lottery, she would have said, "If only you'd won when it was higher." I caught myself doing that and vowed to stop immediately. My dad used to tell her "If it was raining money, you'd complain about the small change." She would have, too. :) She was a wonderful mother, so I'm not bashing her. I just don't want to be the person who is always wishing for more. I want to be working for more. I love your blogs and your attitude!


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