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Saturday, March 20, 2021



A leisurely nature walk with my dogs this morning gave me pause to rethink the past months. As Leo and Spence dashed through the woods on a winding path, splashing through the streams and leaping over fallen trees in search of a long-gone rabbit, I noticed similarities between their adventure and the distractions that send me down my own personal rabbit trails.

With noses to the ground, the dogs followed the scent down twisting trails, reminding me of things that have distracted me, upset me, or diverted my focus from more important matters. I've allowed these concerns to divert me from my purpose and lure me onto rabbit trails.

As spring approaches, I struggle between commitments and schedules, and the desire to take time for recreation. It isn't always easy to get back on track once you veer off.

For me, the best cure for scattered thoughts is a nature walk in the woods intertwined with communion with my Creator. While I sit on a log, close my eyes and soak in the sounds of a babbling brook, the croaking of tree frogs and the happy chirp of birds, a calm engulfs me. Within a few minutes, I regain the solace I need and return home refreshed and with a lighter heart.

Quiet moments of contemplation, and communion with the Creator is like a healing balm. His presence brings calm and true peace, and directs me back to the right path.

Have you found yourself chasing rabbit trails? How did you refocus your thoughts and reset your priorities? Share the tips that lead you to a time of refreshing.



What would YOU do if you were a Western mail-order bride in 1884 and arrived in Abilene, Texas to meet your groom only to discover him at the altar exchanging vows with another?

Emily falls off the church porch and into the arms of  handsome rancher Clint McCall, as the frantic bride flees the church, shoving the bouquet into Emily's midsection. 

Clint feels responsible for Emily's twisted ankle and takes her to his ranch to treat it. How can she refuse to become nursemaid to his ailing mother, since all her money is gone?

Will the two-timing groom find Emily and make her keep their agreement, since his first bride fled? What will Clint do when he discovers Emily came to town to as a mail-order bride? Emily plans to tell him, until she discovers his disgust for ladies who resort to that.


  1. What I do to refocus depends on the distraction. Of course, prayer is ALWAYS a good choice, no matter the reason. There are times when I need to read and clear my mind of my story and worries. Other times, I watch a TV movie with my husband. Occasionally, I take a nap. I can't imagine why I hated them when I was a child. LOL

  2. Good to see you up and about again, Caroline. You gave us a scare. Naps are very important. My mother used to take one when she got overstressed. I think it was the only way she could get time away from 7 rowdy kids. Lol. Besides prayer, a good movie can help clear your mind and help you refocus. All good points.

  3. I play with my dog. A game of tug followed by a petting session helps clear my mind. As I pet her I think of all the things I am grateful about. That calms me and restores my serenity.

  4. What a great blog post. I need to refocus and you gave me a good way to do it.

    1. I'm glad my post helped, Bea. Taking time alone to be still, especially outdoors near a stream in the woods, puts my mind back on track.

  5. Deadlines are a scary way to improve your focus. *LOL* Love the photographs.


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