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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Staying Home by Bea Tifton

Many people, well, three, actually, have wondered what I’m doing during the necessary Stay at Home order that has changed our entire way of life.  I’m single and I don’t have any kids. Has the isolation taken its toll? Have I managed to adjust? I’m immunocompromised, so staying at home is a necessity. I’ve ventured out only once a month to obtain the necessary supplies. Would the isolation get to me? Would I become discouraged, depressed, despondent? 

Well, I have thrived!
I’m such an introvert that staying at home isn’t a punishment for me. I work at home now, anyway, and there’s always something fun to do in the Kingdom of Bea. 
Here are just a few of the things I’ve done to pass the time.

  •  I’ve started eating healthy food. Okay. I ate all my snacks the first day and had to rely on the healthy stuff for the rest of the month. But it’s been great.
  • I’ve taken up French and immersed myself in the culture. Mais oui.
  • I've cleaned off my desk. Well, I actually just took everything from my desk and stuffed it into my bookcase. But I’ll go through the piles any day now. Really.
  • I've learned to Zoom and learned also, to hate it. Looking like the Walking Dead on camera and going with the technological glitches has been, er, educational. Love learning new things.
  •   I've journaled. “Dear Diary, This morning I hiked all the way across my backyard. I discovered new flora and fauna. Actually, I found some poison ivy in the corner of the yard and got stung by a mosquito.  Surviving in the wilderness is challenging."
  •    I've experimented with new fashions.
    Mask by Sheri Easley
  •  I've spent time with the fur babies. They were thrilled that I was spending every waking moment with them. 
  •   I've competed in the Hunger Games and won. Score!

    Staying at home is the only way to flatten the curve, people.  Except for absolute necessity (This does not include cabin fever or boredom), stay home! And thank you to all the people who can’t stay home who are keeping our country running. Be safe and healthy.
    How have you been spending your time?

Bea Tifton, or Bea as she likes to call herself, is currently working on the first Emerson and Riley cozy mystery. She will let you know when it's ready for purchase. She will let EVERYONE know when it's ready for purchase. 


  1. I was planning on taking a “break” from my schedule for a time of reflection and decluttering just before the stay in shelter order was issued. My “break time” was going to start March 23. So ask me how much reflection and decluttering I’ve done. Very little. Turns out the problem isn’t the amount of time I have to do something, the problem is me. I want to have a full schedule and run around like a maniac. So I’m learning to rest, to read and reflect.

    1. Those are valuable things, too, Margret. I completely understand about the lack of decluttering motivation as well. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Loved your post. I love staying home. Love having the church service streamed so I don't have to go out where it's people-y, love phone conferencing for meetings, don't mind Zoom except I look like the walking dead and the messiest part of my office shows behind me. I have written and written during this time. I'm grateful to those who are serving in public. I pray they are safe--and that we are, too.

    1. I completely agree, Caroline. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Spot on post. I had all these wonderful plans to clean out closets, try on clothes I haven't worn in half a century, and write. So far, I found out I'm REALLY good at unloading the dishwasher. But, this did nudge me to get more of my husband's and my affairs in logical order. So I'm making up a notebook with all the information my grown sons need to know about the house and our fiances. It's exhausting and "boring" to look up policy numbers, insurance data, bank credit card accounts, and all that jazz. And I haven't even reached the online garble with passwords and log on info. I still keep seeing Facebook pages of deceased people I knew, and I swore to myself that I will not pop up on Facebook to scare or maybe aggravate my friends--if or when I reach the Pearly Gates someday. Too creepy. lol. Stay safe.


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