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Thursday, April 2, 2020


By Caroline Clemmons

What are you reading? How many books have you read since the pandemic sent us to our room? I love reading and love writing. As you might imagine, being told to stay home doesn’t upset me—other than cause me to worry about those who’ve lost paychecks and the small businesses forced to close.

Spring is the time of year when I’m sorry I didn’t get more bulbs planted last fall for daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, and grape hyacinth, as well as a forsythia bush or two. I always hope for a garden like that of Beth Trissel to magically appear. It doesn’t, however, without a ton of work. Even though I haven't created a flower garden, Hero has our Knockout roses looking healthy, happy, and covered with red buds. Colorful flowers make me happy.

Currently I’m writing in another multi-author project (MAP). My book is titled MAIL-ORDER VICTORIA in the series Widows, Brides, and Secret Babies. Not the kind of secret baby where the biological father didn’t know he had fathered a child. This series is about widows or spinsters who become a mail-order bride and show up with a baby they’ve failed to mention to the prospective groom.

Since the bride hasn’t told the groom she is bringing a child, the baby is a “secret baby”. The reason the bride has the baby varies from book to book. Mine is because her husband has died. Her wealthy in-laws are determined to gain custody of the child and shut her out of the baby’s life. She escapes the only way she sees open to her, as a mail-order bride. But, when Victoria arrives and marries her groom, she receives an even greater surprise. He has FIVE children aged from 8 months to 12 years. Release of MAIL-ORDER VICTORIA is April 17 but the book is available for pre-order at Amazon. The Universal link is

My latest release is POLKA WITH PAULINE, the Matchmaker’s Ball series. I used to love dancing, especially the Viennese waltz. In real life my Hero’s one big fault is that he cannot dance. He truly doesn’t hear the beat so he just walks around the dance floor. Sigh. Doesn’t matter now since my ankle condition has worsened and I probably couldn’t dance anyway. Certainly, I can’t complain when something as trivial as being unable to do ballroom dancing is Hero’s biggest fault. He really is a hero! That Universal Amazon link for POLKA WITH PAULINE is

Do you need a way to pass the time while you’re confined to home? If so, I have suggestions. This is a great time to write down all you know about your family’s history. I don’t mean just dates. Record all the family stories you can remember. Even if your children don’t show any interest or are too young to care, get the anecdotes down before they’re forgotten. Later, someone in your family will be grateful.

If you prefer something that doesn’t require thought, try Solitaire or a FREE puzzle from

In my opinion, anything is better than housework. LOL We’re doing some of that, though. You know the saying… you can’t escape death, taxes, and laundry. 

Until next month, stay well and safe and read a lot of romance books!


  1. Yes, I'm okay with staying home, too. I can always find something to do, like read or write. I have promised myself I would clean out some closets this month.(I wouldn't have anyone bet on that task being accomplished any time soon.) I'm fortunate my husband and I live in rural PA with a yard so we can walk outside and talk to our neighbors at a safe distance. I'm putting "Polka with Pauline" on my TBR list. Sounds wonderful. Stay safe.

  2. Great suggestion about using time at home to write down family histories. Congratulations on your new book. It sounds marvelous.

  3. I always prefer to stay at home, unless there's something better to do, and it would have to be really good. Congrats on the new releases! Good books are always welcome in this household.


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