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Friday, March 20, 2020

Take A Deep Breath: This Too Shall Pass -- Laurean Brooks

In this season of anxiety and fear of the unknown, let's all take a deep breath and make the most of it. Families are encouraged to stay home. “Time is of the essence,” Let's embrace this temporary change in our schedules and use it for good.

When was the last time your schedule slowed down enough to have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse, daughter, or son? When did you last call a sibling, friend, neighbor, cousin, or older relative to check on them?

Our neighbors who have lived down the road for over a year, called yesterday to see if we needed anything. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even know their names. But I do now. The call was a sweet gesture that touched my heart.

This would be a great time for mothers to teach their daughters to cook and sew. And a great time for a father to teach his son to change the oil in the car or how to service the lawnmower.

We long for the “good old days” when times were simpler and life moved at a slower pace. There is no time like the present to relive those days and bring back memories. Even if you weren't around in the 50s or 60s, you can get a feel for life back then.

Gather around the table. Play board games such as Sorry or Chinese Checkers with family. Or get them involved in a game of Charades. Tell silly jokes and laugh.

Enjoy the camaraderie with loved ones. Invite siblings or close friends over for a simple meal--chili and hotdogs, hamburgers, or pizza. Take a nature walk with your kids or grandkids. Enjoy reconnecting and fellowshipping before life speeds up again.

In 2018 and 2019 I lost two family members plus several Facebook friends I'd bonded with. This made me realize how quickly life passes. James 4:14 states it well: Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”

We can't bring our loved ones back, but we can spend quality time with the ones who are still part of our lives.

This too shall pass” is a good saying to live by. Relax, reconnect with family and friends. But most of all laugh, love, and enjoy your family time. Instead of working ourselves into a frenzy, let's put our fears and anxiety in God's hands and relax. He's got this.
When Amanda's CEO husband is found dead in his mangled Porsche alongside his young secretary, she is devastated. Then she learns Greg has gambled away the savings, including a lien against her house. Amanda hides from reporters who are bent on destroying her. What will she do?

To Trust Her Heart by [Brooks, Laurean]


  1. What a good, sensible post, Laurean! I love your attitude of turning a negative into a positive. For fill-time writers, there is not that much change but I know many others are lost at passing time. Your post offers good solutions.

  2. Thank you, Caroline. As you said, we full-time writers probably won't see much change in our routines, but for millions of others, it could be a dramatic change. We should ride the crest of the wave and let it bring us to the safety of the shore. And relax and enjoy the ride.


  3. Thank you for the thoughtful blog. The new books sounds really good. Congratulations!

  4. Thank you for dropping by, Gail. I love the premise for your latest books.


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