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Sunday, November 24, 2013


We've all had them. Those days or even weeks when a little black cloud hovers over your head and screws up all your plans.

First of all. I'm a "right brain" person. My left side shriveled up a long time ago. There is no way I could solve an algebra problem if my life depended on it. That may be why technology and I are constantly at war.

The back up battery for my U-verse died about a year ago and the replacement never showed up. Every 10 hours, a constant beep goes off and I have to re-set the thing. The company says it's on the way. Yeah.

Then, I turn on my ceiling fan light and it blows out. I've had this problem with other light kits in another room. I wrote a nasty review for the brand, but it hasn't solved my problem. I'm waiting for help to replace the stupid light's dead. I'm sitting in my office, in the dark.  Kind of sets the mood.

Then, I edit 26 pages for my critique partner, hit save and print. And, bingo! It vanishes. Gone, never to be found.

I met my critique partners for lunch at a cozy Italian bistro. Thankfully, I had the other partner's pages only to discover they had fallen between the wall and the booth. We had to wait until the other people left so I could pull it out and retrieve my papers. At least the other diners were entertained

I realize there are bigger problems in the world and mine are small potatoes. Whining here saves the cost of a therapist.

So, here I sit, in the dark with the sound of beep, beep, beep and a little black cloud hovering above.

On second thought I think I'll just take a nap.


  1. Very entertaining blog! Yes, we've all had days like that! Hang in there!

  2. Your posts are always entertaining, Brenda. That black cloud is sure to surrender and disappear soon.

  3. Smiling at the picture of sheer frustration you painted with your words. Hope things improve, Brenda.

  4. Sorry for your woes, but they evolved into a most entertaining post. Love the pics.


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