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Friday, April 5, 2024

Remembering Virginia ~ Sherri Easley

Sometimes people come into your life unexpectedly and make your world a better place.

Just a short time ago, I was writing my first novel and stumbling my way through the process. When it came time for the cover, my friend Caroline introduced me to Virginia.

I did not know how the process worked or how to go about turning the vision in my head onto a shiny piece of artwork, but Virginia knew exactly what to do.

We went through a few renditions, and with Virginia’s excellent hand, a cover was born.

Since publishing my book, I have helped at least 4 other folks self-publish books, and one thing I tell them is there is no better feeling than to hold a book in your hands with your name on it and Virginia helped me with that.    

I followed Virginia on social media and enjoyed her sense of humor, but I will remember Virginia through her kindness and her incredible artwork. I was truly blessed to have known her.


Virginia Mary McKevitt

AUGUST 30, 1954 – MARCH 11, 2024

Virginia Mary McKevitt, age 69, of Tarpon Springs, Florida passed away on Monday, March 11, 2024.


  1. She did the covers for my how to grow vegetables pamphlets and was very generous with her time and art.

    1. She was very patient with me - and then with my friend when I gifted her a cover. She was amazing.


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