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Friday, October 20, 2023

Colors by Liz Flaherty

It's a rainy day as I write this. Yellow cottonwood leaves are tossing in the wind before giving up the ghost and drifting down to carpet the still-green grass. I love the colors of autumn.

I think it was that love that seeded the idea for the Colors series. It's my first attempt at writing a women's fiction series, and the first manuscript--completed and being shopped--is called Pieces of Blue. Not exactly a fall color, but brightness. Change. Heart-healing. 

I chose the setting for the series first, which was different in itself because normally I meet the people. They sit with me until I know what they look like, the shape of their hands, how their laughs sound. I understand what's hurt them in their pasts and that they'd like for me to tell the stories of their healing and beginning again.

But Colors started with a drive through the country to Town Lake, which is 10 miles from my house and I never knew it was there. I don't know its population, and Harper Loch--the home of the Colors series--doesn't look much like Town Lake, but the approach is the same. You get there slowly on a serpentine road with one and a half lanes.

The population of Harper Loch is 86--sometimes 87--and 200-some in the summer. Maggie North inherits a big house there, and Pieces of Blue is born. 

I don't know how Blue or, next in line, A Splash of Red, will be published--or even if they will. I am reminded, though, to remember the pleasure of the writing itself. While that pleasure can't replace a contract, a perfect cover, or a great review, it's still a reminder of yes, I can. I'm good with that. Like the colors of autumn--and blue--it's bright, it's change, and--for a writer--it's heart-healing.

He’s afraid a second time at love wouldn’t live up to his first. She’s afraid a second round would be exactly like her first.

Pastor Jake McAlister and businesswoman Riley Winters are in their forties and widowed.
Neither is interested in a relationship. They both love Fallen Soldier, the small Pennsylvania
town where they met, even though Rye plans to move to Chicago, and Jake sees a change in
pastorates not too far down the road. Enjoying a few-weeks friendship is something they both
look forward to.
However, there is an indisputable attraction between the green-eyed pastor and the woman with a
shining sweep of chestnut hair. Then there’s the Culp, an old downtown building that calls
unrelentingly to Rye’s entrepreneurial soul. And when a young man named Griff visits Jake, life
changes in the blink of a dark green eye.


  1. What a lovely post. The Colors series sounds intriguing. I'm glad you still write for the love of writing; that's important.

    1. It is, although I admit that sometimes I forget just how important.

  2. Sounds like its going to be great but then all your stories are 🤗

  3. Love the idea of the colors. And, "Reinventing Riley" sounds like an enjoyable read!


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