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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Today I am sharing a video excerpt from my book 

This is the Nez Perce legend of how people came to be.
I added a drawing because drawing was my first love.

For more legend check out TWO SPIRIT

Homeless and uncertain, Rose resorts to deception to aid in her destiny.

In the spirit of the movie Connie and Carla, I bring you this tale of deception and humor.

Five Wounds watched with pity as the people on the wagon train he guided ignored the plea for help from the independent Rose Baker. He had heard the women gossip about her masculine ways and watched as men snubbed her. With disgust for the so-called Christians, he grabbed a shovel to risk his life and bury her parents. Confused about her true nature, when Rose dawned her dead father's clothes out of convenience, Five Wounds explained how his tribe gave honor and respect to two-spirited people.

Inadvertently, he had given Rose the lifeline for which she was searching. Deception would not have been her first choice, but if it meant she could oversee her own destiny, Rose was willing to leave behind the white man's ignorance and act the part of a two-spirit. Her plot was working, and the Nez Perce tribe accepted her for whom she pretended to be. Everything might have been perfect if Rose was not now in love with Five Wounds. Will the deception that saved her now destroy her happiness forever?


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