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Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy Early Valentine's Day

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

I can’t walk into a store without being reminded that Valentine’s Day. As you all may know… I am raising 5 boys. Four of them are in middle school and one is in high school. 

This is the first year that it is not mandatory to send in a Valentine's Day card for everyone in the class. 

Being a romance writer.. and a girl (well former girl from a way long time ago according to them)… I know what girls that age range want.. or at least what would make this holiday special. My son attends a very small private school. I swear there are maybe 12 girls and 7 boys. I suggested my son and his friends all get one rose or carnation for every girl in their 8th class. He said no. At least my 2 boys in 6th grade want to give their teachers something…. And then my 16 year old… well.. so far this year the girl he was spending time with just didn’t work out. Soooooo we’ll see how that goes.
Do you and your sweetheart do anything special?

 I think I'm going to be lazy-creative and put together a man-bouquet .  

Writer life… I went to a retreat last weekend.
It was awesome but I still feel like the newbie and more of a fan. I can sit in awe and listen to the lovely ladies all day long. I was able to get some work done which was much needed considering the weekend before that my dad came in town and the weekend before that.. ehh.. All I know it’s been harder to manage my time these days.
Did I mention last time we chatted about the new contract? Well… I have a new contract for four more books. I’m so honored!.... ‘cause I tell you… after each edits I get, my soul dies just a little.
Thank God for editors and copy editors.
Which brings me to my question... Which way do you prefer to publish? Do you self-pub? If so, do you have a team behind you? I’m so impressed with people who do… cause y’all…. I suck at the editing part and if you haven’t caught on from my first paragraph—I have 5 boys (and a 20 year old girl in college). .. which means this writer is BROKE!

Well, let me end with my throw-back Valentine’s Day favorite book starring one of my sheroes, Carla Fredd and Brenda Jackson

You may or may not have seen this article floating around about embracing diversity

I just wanted to kick off Black History Month with a few names of folks (celebrities!!) I spent the weekend with. 

Angela Seals
Cheris Hodges

Okay.. it's time for me to end and go to bed! 

Happy Reading! Happy Writing! 


  1. FIVE BOYS and a daughter? How do you find time to write at all? I am so impressed, Carolyn. I have been with a NY traditional publisher, a small press, and now self-publish. I love being in control as a self-publisher, but I still have an editor and beta readers and cover designer. Retreats are energizing, aren't they? Jacquie Rogers and I will be at a sort of mini-retreat on Saturday when we meet with several Texas and Oklahoma writers plus some readers near WinStar Casino on the state line.

    1. I wake up early to write... or I try to. I also want to try my hand at self-publishing... I'll save up for that though.

  2. Dinner out with my husband on Valentine's Day. I have one self-published book and the rest with a traditional publisher. I have a new one coming out soon, but I'm thinking of tipping my world upside down and writing short stories again instead of novels. Happy Valentine's Day, Carolyn!

  3. I laughed out loud when I saw that man-bouquet of bacon roses! Congratulations on your contract for four more books. Both of my books are self-published now, though one of them was originally released by a publisher that subsequently went under. I've enjoyed both experiences.

    1. I didn't make the bacon roses... but I did make a snack bouquet for our boys.. and my work student and my husband's work study students (there are 8 of them!). I had to include these chips called Takis... hot gross lip staining things :P
      Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. My husband wants a man-bouquet now. I guess he'll have to settle for some bacon and eggs instead. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day! He better be happy with bacon and eggs!


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