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Monday, May 27, 2013


Launching June 2nd with prizes all month. On June 30th, we'll award a Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire HD Tablet. Every comment will be an entry to the prize for that day, plus an entry for the Grand Prize at the end of the month.

A follow for the blog will also count as an entry. Join us for news and prizes.


  1. Thank you for giveaways . Looking forward to seeing your blog posts and giveaways .

  2. I love the diversity of genres represented by the authors. This should be a lively group.

    1. Guess I should have said genres, since you're all romance writers. Probably 'settings' would have been a better word. Or 'eras'. Where's my thesaurus when I need it?

  3. I recognize some friends here! Best wishes with your new venture.

  4. I would remove the captcha. It puts off a lot of people who have trouble with them. Including me. Your page looks great!

  5. This looks like a great idea. Hope it's a thundering success!

  6. I hope I've subscribed in the right place. :-/ I usually do the wrong thing.

  7. LOVE, love, love the blog page! It is so fun and informative! Look forward to reading it often! Thanks!


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