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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Giveaway and New Book

By Anna Jeffrey

Hi, everybody,

A lot is going on with Smart Girls! First, there’s a 99-cent sale underway at Amazon. We’ve put together a boxed set consisting of 9 books by 8 of the Smart Girls authors, plus Kathy Ivan. That computes to 11-cents per book. Is that a deal or what!

To celebrate the release of the set, a big party with lots of gifts is going on at Facebook. So don’t delay. Get your 99-cent deal, then rush over to the NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE Facebook page and participate in the party. The prizes are awesome! This link will take you there.


Beyond that, I recently released LONE STAR WOMAN as an Anna Jeffrey ebook. This book was originally published as a mass market paperback under the pseudonym of Sadie Callahan.

The setting is a sprawling fictitious ranch, the Circle C, in a fictitious county in the Texas Panhandle. Though the town and county aren’t real, I sort of loosely drew on information from various historical old ranches located in West Texas. There were a dozen or so, founded after the Civil War when Easterners discovered beef and the high demand built the cattle industry. 

I’ve always been fascinated by how those old ranches came to exist in the first place.  They played an integral part in civilizing the West. The beef boom might have lasted only about 10 years, but it left a lasting legacy and a western culture that exists to this day.

I grew up in West Texas, not far from the Pitchfork and the 6666 ranches. Many of the males in my family worked at one or the other of those operations at different times. I have a cookbook compiled by the cook at the Pitchfork back in the fifties and sixties. 

Here’s a short blurb on LONE STAR WOMAN:

“Judith Ann Strayhorn (Jude), the only child of the vast Circle C Ranch’s owner and CEO, is in constant conflict with her father and grandfather. Her greatest desire is to exert her education and influence on the ranch’s operation, but the two men thwart her at every turn. Giving up, she goes outside the Circle C intending to use her trust fund to buy a small spread from a deceased widow’s estate where she can put her ideas on cattle breeding into practice. That is, until she runs headlong into the widow’s heir, Brady Fallon, who has his own plans for the 6-0 Ranch.

Brady is no stranger to Willard County, though he hasn’t been around since childhood. His inheritance needs a lot of work and he needs money to put it back into shape and revive it as a cattle operation. He hires on as a hand at the Circle C Ranch, a move that leads to unexpected benefits for his future as well as unwanted conflict with his boss’s daughter. Can he set his attraction to her aside for his own good?”

If you haven’t read LONE STAR WOMAN, it’s available at Amazon and Kobo. Hope you enjoy it.

Anna Jeffrey


  1. Anna, I loved LONE STAR WOMAN. Of course, I've loved each of your books. Keep them coming!

  2. P.S. What do you think of the cover? I think it's beautiful. Kim Killion designed it. She's awesome!

  3. Anna, I find the history of the historic Texas ranches fascinating. I know I'll enjoy LONE STAR WOMAN!

  4. Awesome cover--she did a great job! I'll be picking this one up. :)


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