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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Dog Days by Bea Tifton

I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial saying something like, “Your dog sees everything you do. And they don’t care.” I started thinking about that. I’ve been told I’m er, eccentric.  I live alone, except for my pets, so they probably do see some pretty strange things.  In fact, if someone ever does perfect a device allowing dogs to talk, mine are going to have to put their paws on the dotted line of a confidentiality agreement. 

Yes. I talk to my dogs. Why not?  They’re here, staring at me all day. I couldn’t ignore them because why have them if you’re not going to interact.
There are times when I think I’m completely hilarious. Other people, not always. I make what are commonly called “Dad jokes” and crack myself up. And some jokes never get old so I repeat them often.
I love to sing. That can have unfortunate effects, such as when I learned the words to “Baby Shark” and had an earworm that lasted for days. But sometimes I just sing. I have opera day, where I sing most things I say as a recitative.  Sometimes we have Broadway day as well.  I think the dogs prefer show tunes.
When I’m watching TV, they are treated to a running commentary of what I think about things. When I watch “Antiques Roadshow,” I express dismay, envy, or astonishment at what something is worth. When I watch a mystery, I am bad about yelling, “He did it!” early on. The dogs never get upset with me for spoiling the ending.
Zoe at the groomer

I run around in some pretty strange, but very comfortable clothing when I’m at home. My dogs have never commented on my fashion choices. 

If I choose to eat, well, an entire bag of chips? (Hey, give me a break. I’d had a really bad day.) Other than staring at me in hope of a handout that won't come, nary a judgement passes their doggy lips.  Or if I choose to eat dinner on the sofa, they don’t seem to be bothered at all.
Brighid smiling for the camera

That’s the thing about dogs, though, isn’t it. Their unconditional love has no bounds. They, by their very existence, simply want to be loved. It’s worth the alarm clock barking to be fed first thing in morning, the fur on my clothes or around the house, the rare naughtiness.  They are company without comment, comfort through the bad times, reasons to laugh at their quirkiness. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 
Liam at the groomer

Do you have pets? Do they witness you in all your glory, being yourself and loving you anyway? Leave a comment below.