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Monday, November 6, 2017

Writer's Life as a "Mom" or is it "Mom's" Life as a Writer? By Carolyn Hector

I am going to be real late on updating this blog today.

It’s NANOWRIMO and I’m trying to keep on task on top of trying to writing while trying to be the guardian to 4 boys who clearly do not give a crap about the rules or the way they treat my house. Every time I turn around I have to find something broken…then I have to have a discussion on what happened.

True story-

Me: how did the standing fan break?
JT: it fell over.
Me: how did it fall over?

JT : it got bumped.
Me: and how did it get bumped?
JT: well me and "T" bumped it by accident.
Me: How?
JT: Well we were wrestling.
Me: What is my number one rule?
JT: rough housing. 
His answer is followed by a blank stare as if *I* am the one asking crazy questions. 

I had another child who was on the swim team. We rearranged our schedules to pick him up for six weeks.. only to find out he was lying to us and the coach (I may have mentioned that last time). So his punishment had been to 1-go to the after school program and 2-has to stay inside for 4 days a week to mimic the same "swim schedule" he had us following. 
So 9th grade kid has been acting up in school (being silly, talking etc).. to follow up with his behavior I contact the after school director and while still talking, I casually ask how my oldest is doing. She was like.... who? So I head off to the school (not getting any writing done) and get the oldest to meet me at the front office. As we sit and wait for the director to come over, he leans over to me and says..."I hear JT isn't behaving well in class." <and then he sighs> "What are we going to do about that kid?" 
Anyway, the oldest tried to lie to the end... saying he just didn't sign in... and the director was like.. "I've never seen you in my cafeteria before in my life. So oldest says... "I-I've been in the computer lab." The director gets the computer lab person to come over who also says... she's never seen him before in her life. *le sigh*

Take my title away because I am totally failing my nephews. 
My husband says we need to be on a sitcom---we can't make this shit up! 

My son turned 15 on Sunday. Saturday I took him to the fair and got some writing done on my AlphaSmart.In the scene in my heroine is explaining to the hero just how safe the roller coasters are and I kid you not....IRL  a girl at the fair fell out of the ride

In Romance in Color here's a review that me blushing. 

You have GOT to check out the heat between Zoe and Carver in Cheris Hodges' latest bookDeadly Rumors
And my other recommendation is Deborah Fletcher Mello's book, Arch (A One Love Short Story) 

Okay that's all for now. 

Happy Reading! Happy Writing!


  1. Carolyn, I wanted to have either four or six children, but we only have two. Now I think "What was I thinking?" LOL Actually, I would love to have had more, but at least the two I have are precious to me. Four boys? You have my sympathy. Just think how much fun you'll have spoiling grandchildren in a few years!

  2. Carolyn, I always get a chuckle from your posts even though I know your kids are driving you totally crazy. We raised 4 kids, and we were always amazed by how different each one was from the other. Your husband is right. Your life is a sitcom. So, cash in on that. Write those hilarious situations into a romance!!


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